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PAC Mission

Performing Arts for Children distinguishes its mission of integrating the arts and literacy together by using the live professional theatre experience as a visual, sensory, and unforgettable educational tool. The Stage the Page program is designed to; make reading exciting and fun, enhance the academic learning experience, and stimulate the minds of children through theater.

COMING SOON! The Monster Who Ate My Peas

Dec 16, 2013

The Monster Who Ate My Peas is a musical based on the book by author Danny Schnitzlein and illustrator Matt Faulkner published in 2010.

Danny is a boy with a problem: he hates eating peas. Although Danny lives happily with his Mom, Dad, and pet dog Ralph, his parents demand that Danny eats his peas at the dinner table. Danny refuses and says, “I would rather eat dirt !” As much as he wished for those peas to disappear from his plate, nothing happened.

One night at dinner, Danny repeats his wish for the peas to go away. Just then, as if somebody had heard his wish, a Monster appears. The Monster didn’t really scare Danny. In fact, the Monster told Danny that he could “help kids like you,” by eating all the foods that most “small stomachs” don’t like.

But the Monster wasn’t going to eat Danny’s peas for nothing. He demanded something that Danny had as payment each evening when he returned to eat the peas. But Danny was never happy to give the Monster any of his stuff. The Monster forces Danny into making a very difficult decision by demanding he hand over his most valued possession. Will Danny be able to save the one thing that is most important to him by eating his peas and sending the Monster away forever?